I'm not convinced that the NHL should go on strike for racial justice. It would be so far away from where hockey culture is at that it would be for show only. It would send a message that the only possible progress that can be made in hockey is symbolic...
Symbolism is important insofar as it represents a culture shift. Otherwise it's hollow. But hockey has had so many moments of reckoning and nothing has changed. The only thing that has stopped hockey and racism stories has been COVID.
I know that there are so many good folks working to change the sport and the culture around it, but a lot of that work needs to happen outside hockey too -- as I've argued before, it's the same white supremacy that permeates Canadian society. Can't change only one ...
If the NHL were to stop playing in solidarity, there would need to be a clear idea of what next. The other leagues players' have put out clear calls for action. What do hockey players think about police shootings? Do they think anything? Does what they personally think matter?
It is going to take an incredible amount of work to weed whiteness out of the sport. And while it would be a very interesting surprise if they did strike, I can't see how they turn that symbolism into action, and we are over our heads in symbolism in society right now.
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