My day:

Well, what I've done today is give my mind & my heart to push for equity, social justice & fairness for every child, young person and family which crossed my path.

I do this every day and I was driven to join this profession because of those values.

Being an EP is an honour; hard won, but a position of privilege is innate in our work.

Today, I used my advantages to advocate for those whose voices aren't heard as loudly. The 'slipping through the net' kid. The 'no-one is listening' parent.
I did that yesterday too, and I will do it tomorrow, and on and on.

Sometimes, the power and the responsibility scares me, but I am driven by my heart. I'm not a scientist! This is about gut instinct, empathy, hope, love for fellow humans.
'That' article in @psychmag inflamed me. I spoke of disinfecting its abhorrence with sunshine. It does not reflect my views, a position I heartily believe most of my colleagues share.

Some don't. That's painful.
I can't change everything 😂 or very much at all. But I have power & privilege. I am blessed with compassion and curiosity. I feel pain. Social justice is at the core of my EP work and I am so proud of that.

#ADayInTheLifeOfAnEP #ThursdayThoughts #BlackLivesMatter
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