I’m an effort to provide a few smiles on the TL here are my current favorite TikTok videos. You can see the handles on each video so please go follow them all if you are over there. First up is baby girl going hard with her Mama! Enjoy.
This one made me laugh so hard. Fitting for current times.
I actually love anytime a Black Woman uses this sound - it’s never not funny. She did this!
The multiple cameras, the editing, the mom’s face. Perfect TikToking
THE CREATIVITY! They need their own variety show FR.
NSFW but also funny AF!!! 🤣🤣🤣
This turn & run. One for the ages!
I love how expressive they are with the masks on. Lesson learned. Also Dentist TikTok is VV funny in general.
This one will melt your heart... esp if you are a Moana fan. Who am I kidding... EVERYONE is a Moana fan!
Lesson here: friends are SO SHADY ON FT! 🤣🤣🤣
I don’t want to ruin this one. Just watch and crack up.
This TikToker has her grandma rate men. It’s really funny.
And we come full circle - I love mother daughter TikToks. Have as good a day as you can Tweeple!
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