Today's #ImmigrationStats show the @ukhomeoffice is failing in its duty to protect those seeking safety in the UK. 1/6
People seeking asylum can't work while waiting for a decision on their claim. Instead, they're forced to live on £5.66/day.

Over 70% of those waiting for a decision have been waiting 6 months or longer, the highest proportion ever.

Gov must #LiftTheBan and let people work. 2/6
Furthermore, no refugees have been resettled since the programme was frozen on 12 March.

We are calling for resettlement flights to restart now. If travel corridors are possible for holidays, life-saving flights must be possible too. 4/6
In the year ending June 2020, 50% of initial decisions made were grants of asylum and humanitarian protection, and 45% of negative decisions were overturned on appeal. 5/6
These #ImmigrationStats show that people are waiting too long for an asylum decision that is too often wrong, and that vulnerable refugees around the world are being denied the opportunity to resettle in the UK.

This must change. #StandUpForAsylum

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