If you put aside all the other political and organizational divisions and just look at the conventions themselves, I think one detail is extremely telling: (thread)
- One party had decent captioning on air and online, created an official live channel dedicated to ASL access that was running the whole week, and hired Deaf interpreters for all of their programing. These interpreters are top of their field and also had qualified teams.
- The other party, despite currently being the subject of a lawsuit about access to White House briefings, has no ASL channel, and only captions on TV (probably because it's the network doing the captioning, not the convention) and they are live craptions, at best.
Viewers who are d/Deaf, hard of hearing, second language learners, have processing disorders, or depend on captions/ASL in programming for any number of reasons were all shut out from this second party's convention.
If I were an undecided voter or a single issue voter, the fact that one convention was completely accessible and one was not, I would look at that very closely when choosing who I want to run my government.
Do you want a government that actively leaves people out of a process that is supposed to be by and for the people?
#accessibility #CripTheVote #ASL #captions #NoMoreCRAPtions #Election2020 #DNC2020 #RNC2020
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