There seems something unholy about the way we provide wheelchairs to people and the way we help people keep those chairs usable. #CripTheVote
I have one friend who received a chair from Medicare, that was never fitted properly and that she has never been able to use without it causing severe spinal pain. A chair that has kept her in her words "Housebound" for two years. #CripTheVote
I have another friend whose chair broke and she can't get it fixed because she isn't an insurance company with deep pockets. The company that is supposed to fix the chair gave her an unusable (more than twice the size she needs) chair that is an active danger to her. #CripTheVote
People without chairs or with broken chairs are often forced to wait years for new ones because of #Medicaid and #Medicare eligibility dates. If they are going to limit how often people get new chairs shouldn't the chairs they provide be required to last that long? #CripTheVote
For years we have complained that airlines treated wheelchairs as if they were property to be transported like any other property but I realize now even the insurane companies that provide these vital tools of access see them as little more than an expense. #CripTheVote
Wheelchairs give people access to the world they are not just another piece of equipment to be rationed out. If one is needed it should be available. If it breaks it should be fixed or replaced. #CripTheVote
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