Hello. If you are attacking American Jews and their houses of worship over upset at completely different Jews thousands of miles away, you are not an anti-racist protester. You are the racist. Hope this clears some things up. https://twitter.com/Julio_Rosas11/status/1298848893724131328
At heart, much racism against minorities boils down to saying that every Black/Jewish/Muslim person is responsible for anything bad any other Black/Jewish/Muslim person might do. Racists collapse minorities into a menacing monolith. Anti-racists treat them as actual human beings. https://twitter.com/Yair_Rosenberg/status/1298989490636115968
PS: If you are now painting the entire BLM movement with the brush of this one random anti-Semite who defaced a synagogue, you are making the same error as they did. Listen to @ZBNFL instead and lift us all up: https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/sports/articles/zack-banner-tackles-anti-semitism https://twitter.com/Yair_Rosenberg/status/1298996484470267913
Welp, it's nice to know that we're in the phase of 2020 where it's now necessary to say this https://twitter.com/KareemRifai/status/1299053830726967296
Live look at the people defending defacing synagogues as part of "social justice":
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