[thread] For students, educators & families, the #FlintWaterCrisis isn’t over - it lingers in kids, affecting their learning every day. But limited resources & funding have left educators struggling to address the lasting impacts of lead poisoning. (1/4) http://bit.ly/34F0qVG 
We spoke with Latricia Brown, Principal @NorthridgeFlint, who shared the incredible things her team has implemented to support students cognitively & emotionally - from classical music in the hallways, to sensory rooms & more. But it isn’t enough, and she knows it. (2/4)
With COVID-19 came a whole new set of challenges & more trauma to her kids and families - but new safe distancing guidelines for in-person learning also opened the door for something Brown’s wanted to try for years: classrooms with 10 students or less. (3/4)
For Brown & other Flint educators, the question isn’t ‘what else can we creatively do amidst this pandemic?’ It’s, “why did it take ANOTHER crisis to give us the resources & flexibility we need to address the impacts of the last one?” (4/4) @charteralliance
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