Thread on Karachi rain:

More than 11 people have passed away in rain related accidents in addition to the 22 that passed away earlier this month.

Yes, we've experienced a lot of rain this year and this spell has been terrible. But does that justify suffering?

No. Here's why
1. Land grabbing
Over the years the corrupt system has resulted in various individuals getting access to land part of the cities drainage. They were also given permission to construct. While it's easier to relocate the poor and call them encroachments. The rich dont face the same
2. Trash and littering
You cant have dirty canals and drains all year round and expect water to flow through it. Ofcourse when it rains this bad itll take some time. But that doesnt mean the drains and sewarage are to overflow. Karachi rains are usually in a specific season
So you have time before hand to prepare even if you've done nothing all year. Use that lead time to clean and ensure proper drainage.
3. Emergency services
People should not have to relocate from their homes and yet they are. the rescue and relief operations should be from the government. That is something we dont see. After all, what other city doesnt have a state run emergency service?

Again, where is the governance?
4. Blame game
PPP vs MQM vs PTI vs Army
"Its their fault"
"We dont have money"
"We dont have power"

Essentially the way powers are given for governing Karachi is wrong.

PPP doesnt care about Karachi because Karachi doesnt elect them. Karachi doesnt even think of them
As their representatives. And yes we've got them and their incompetence.

The CDGK/ Municipally dont have rights. And whatever money they get goes into corruption.

Karachi needs to be revisited. Its governance needs to be revisited. This is unfair to its citizens.
But no one can deny that PPP is the one that bears the most of the blame because all the problems associated to the rain disaster originates from them.
5. Gaslighting the issues of karachites
The minute you call out the Sindh government you're considered a racist. Calling out the PPP is not the same as hating on Sindhis. Please. No. It is not.

You cant ignore the plight of the people that are not as privileged
People have sewer water in their homes. Theyve lost their belongings. They're sick. You cant drive around in your fancy cars and say all is well. It's all good.

You cant do that. And if you do, you dont care.

But it's okay. We know you dont.
Lastly. Let's say a prayer for everyone that's lost their life in this disaster, for all the people that have to deal with the loss of a loved one, the people that have to leave their homes and belongings, the people that will get sick after being exposed to sewer water
Prayers for the people that saved all their life to build a home that got destroyed, to buy a car that got carried away, bought dowry for their daughters to get destroyed, lost their precious belongings and priceless memorabilia.

May God give you strength and resilience.
Because to live in Karachi you need to be resilient. There is no other option.
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