Someone put up a tweet for a missing family member, asking Twitter users to help her Retweet and find her missing niece.

And then Twitter vendors are in the replies advertising their products/services, talking about "It costs nothing to RT my hustle"

You people are very stupid
I will rather choke than buy anything from some of you vendors on this app. You guys have become a nuisance, spam-like bots.

Your lack of emotional intelligence and creativity around marketing your products is why you'd probably never make it past this sorry stage of your life.
Every single viral (or not viral) tweet on Twitter is an opportunity for you to advertise your product. The context of the tweet doesn't matter to you.

I don't know where you guys went to learn this but it is an extremely disturbing behaviour. In fact,it is disgusting tbh 🤦
And of course there are the "Follow back" dimwits. And then the idiots who always have a a job opportunity that require them to get to "5000 followers before the weekend."

I will make a conscious effort to start blocking the two groups henceforth. I can't suffer fools.
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