If you’re asked the difference between 1 and 0 your answer would be 1

Although the difference is small when it is seen in the context of 1 and 0

But here is something you already know allow me to repeat it to you today.

If you put zeros in five places and then add them together, what do you get? 0

If you do the same for one, what do you get? 5

Let’s call zero NOTHING and one SOMETHING.

If you do nothing about your goals, nothing comes out of it.
If you do something about your goals something comes out of it.

Something is, and will always be the fundamentally different/better/greater than noting

The time you spend NOT improving your skills, NOT writing, NOT actively pursuing your goals means you’ll end up with nothing.
But if you learn ONE thing a day, write ONE article a day, research one topic a day, what happens when those ONEs add up? Yeah, you got it.
It doesn’t matter if you start from NOTHING, just don’t do NOTHING.

Be consistent with your ONEs and watch out for the results.
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