Want to make the creative and cultural sectors fairer? You can have a big impact in your industry by becoming an Arts Emergency mentor today.
Sign up to a free, online mentor training session here:
We’re very excited to say that on top of our existing projects we’re expanding into Merseyside this year too, with new schools already signed up in Liverpool, Sefton and the Wirral!
Our mentors are passionate about the arts and humanities. For an hour a month they give advice to a smart, ambitious young person from a background underrepresented in their field.
We know that many of you will have had your life & career impacted this year, but you can still be an incredible mentor simply by listening and encouraging a young person through this turbulent time.
Got questions about mentoring? Find out more here: https://arts-emergency.org/mentoring-faqs/ 
If you you live in Greater Manchester, Merseyside or London please sign up to become a mentor now: https://arts-emergency.org/news/mentor-training/
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