We weren't surprised to learn that Issam is a strong supporter of @jeremycorbyn as well as having links to the New IRA.

It is funny how Corbyn always seems to be there or thereabouts with the IRA and Palestinian terrorists, don't you think? 2/
You won't be surprised to learn that Issam is also an antisemite.

Here he is in conversation with Zoe Zero (Budd) a well known pro Palestinian antisemite booted from @UKLabour

(more on Zoe here https://twitter.com/GnasherJew/status/898084082055352321?s=20 )
Dr Issam also seems to think that Jews should not be involved in @UKLabour promoting petitions to remove them from the Party.

This shows that @BDSmovement, Palestinian terrorists, the Real IRA and @jeremycorbyn are tied together in their antisemitism and hatred of Israel.

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