I see all this anger over the Pride train and the replies, and I just want to cry. Just a day after uproar over inclusive sex education as well.

People always say the same thing “they’ve got equality now” & “they’re excluding themselves with all this rainbow nonsense”...

...As well as more horrific homophobia, but this is the “reasonable” stance that is widespread, and has almost definitely got worse in the last few years

Even for me, with super supportive friends and family, it’s exhausting. God help anyone without that support network

If anyone wants to DM me at all, I will happily try and support any LGBT+ person struggling with any of this.

1. Equality is far far off. Only 29/195 countries with gay marriage
2. Me existing is a criminal act in 72 countries
3. Punishable by DEATH in 11

4. Sex education is not currently that inclusive, & opposition to it grows and grows more each day. I really fear a 2nd sexual health crisis in the LGBT community

5. Never mind the mental health crisis with 50% of LGBT people experiencing depression (Stonewall survey)

6. There are bad things about Pride & Gay Culture, sure, but almost all of them are born out of historic oppression & a need to hide.

The more you force us underground, the worse it will be for everyone. & genuinely a lot more dangerous, especially for young LGBT people

7. We celebrate openly & we have Pride so we don’t regress or feel the need to hide again.

We celebrate the freedom to live as who we truly are. We celebrate the past activists whose victories won those freedoms.

We call to get rid of the niggling domestic homophobia...

...& more importantly we call for international equality. Decriminalisation & protection from violence against LGBT people

So YES we still need Pride
And guess bloody what? You’re all welcome. Pride is for everyone.

If you believe in living freely without persecution...

...if you believe that no one should have to hide their true selves. If you believe past gay rights victories are worth celebrating - then come along.

If you think those values exclude you, it’s certainly not because you’re straight - you might just be a dickhead

So I don’t buy this “reasonable” homophobia against Pride & gay culture. a) We still need it & b) It IS inclusive. Please take this as a personal invitation - go to Pride, enjoy gay culture, all are welcome.

I know this thread probably won’t do much, but it’s better...

...than just crying and feeling hopeless.

Listen to Glad to be Gay by @freshnet. These attitudes haven’t changed much at all since 1978!

“The buggers are legal now, what more are they after?”

Love and acceptance and equality. I hope future generations get it fully

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