Three days after gunmen abducted students writing exams in Kaduna, El-rufai is yet to comment on it, pretending it never happened.

If Nigerians criticize his (in)action like they did to GEJ on Chibok, he will unleash his attack dogs who will turn it into an ethnic/religious war.
The major criticism levelled against GEJ in his handling of the chibok debacle is his silence over it after it happened.

Almost a week later after Boko Haram kidnapped those girls, the presidency was mum, going about its Business like nothing happened. Until it became a scandal
And El-rufai was one of those from the then opposition at the frontline of calling out GEJ back in those days, alongside other Nigerians.

El-rufai is doing exactly what GEJ did. Three days later, he is tweeting about other things, unlooking the debacle building up on the issue.
And I strongly suspect and predict that this whole issue will degenerate into an ethnorelious regional Politics

A few morons from the North (led by Bello and Bashir El-rufai) will turn it into a North Vs South war

They'd accuse critics of religious/ethnic bias against El-rufai
And then will drag Wike (poor guy) into the conversation. And at their lowest, they will turn it into a Hausa Vs Igbo affair.

We have seen it play out here several times. I am not dismissing it happening again. The divide and rule tactics of little finger. A shameful affair
If only El-rufai will be honest and tell Nigerians the true nature of the crisis in Kaduna and admit that it is beyond him. If only.

And perhaps he can get help from the FG. But again, we have a President that is perhaps more incompetent than El-rufai himself.
Either ways I hope we never stop talking about those abducted #KadunaBoys in the media. f the mainstream media is gagged,we on social media can't all be gagged

Those boys don't deserve the trauma they're going through. We won't keep quiet until El-rufai does something about them
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