Taylor Swift’s folklore : the saltbox house chapter analysis ; a thread

* the common point of every song included in this chapter takes place in summer which is why they’re all grouped together
1. TLGAD : “the salt box house on the coast” refers to buying a holiday house and paints the picture of a perfect summer next the ocean

2. August : “salt air and the rust on your door” describes the affair of James and the other girl that took place in the summer
3. The 1 : the lyric “never bleed you never grow” is a reference to cruel summer lyric “if I bleed you’ll be the last to know” which is again a summer reference

4. Seven : “sweet tea in the summer
cross your heart, won't tell no other” is reminiscent to childhood when two—
—friends make an oath in the summer to keep a secret from everyone else ( which is about the abusive household situation )
5. Peace : “our coming-of-age has come and gone suddenly this summer, it's clear” describes a sudden change in the relationship by the end of summer ( could be a cruel summer reference again )
6. Betty: “would you trust me If I told you it was just a summer thing?” James tries to convince Betty that his affair with the other girl was just a “summer thing” and nothing serious and put the blame on him being only 17 for his infidelity
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