hey! its fake kai and i just wanted to let you guys know a couple of things. first, a few legal clarifications, no i am NOT in fact kai (shocker) and do not represent any of his beliefs. this account is purley satirical and everything on it has nothing to do with his beliefs :)
another thing, everything I say in this tread is my outlook on the political community on tiktok and my outlook only, you don’t have to agree or disagree- i’m simply stating my opinions!! feel free to dm me about any points that you think didn’t make sense or aren’t clear
alright- now into the opinion piece. i made this account this morning as a joke. me and a couple of friends got bored and wanted to have a bit of fun which we totally did. but all day i’ve been wanting to address an issue on political tiktok, platforming rightwingers.
generally, especially on polititok, the rightwing point of view is technically founded on false premises. when i say this the things that immediately come to mind are like trans & LGBTQ+ rights or “illegal” immigrants (as in the blatant racism shown to them) etc
normally i wouldn’t have an issue with this stupidity- we are in america afterall and we should allow the free marketplace of ideas to thrive. but in some general sense, platforming and entertaining these ideas as genuine and attempting to refute them, validates them
validating and giving credibility to these ideas is genuinely harmful to the communities being discussed. platforming these ideals directly invalidates entire groups of people.
this issue (to me at least) is apparent when people take these obviously misogynistic jokes that people like say kai platform and play along- or when tiktokers have “debates” on things like wether trans people are valid etc etc.
do i think all debates are bad? No 100% not. do i think that people like kai are genuinely bad people? also no. what i think the goal of this thread is is to make people question who they platform and who they support- even as a joke. because the consequences aren’t funny.
wether that be debating with them *ilia* or just jokingly being in their fanbases *nancers* be careful of what you spread. it can truly be harmful. i hope you all have a great night and i love you all, thank you for an amazing day,

-xx saivee ( @saiveeee) :)
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