🕉 #Thread 6thCentury Aranmula Parthasarathy Krishna Temple, Kerala built by Arjuna is one of 108 Holy Abodes of Bhagwan Vishnu - worshipped as Partha- Arjun’s charioteer. Here Lord Krishna in VishwaRupa Form is 6ft tall -the tallest Krishna Murthy in Kerala🚩1/4 @RadharamnDas
🕉 Each of PanchaPandavas built 5 temples for Lord Krishna- in 50 kms radius of Aranmula temple. Constructed in the Kerala style of architecture, The Roof & Pillars of the temple have lavish wood & stucco carvings depicting stories from Ramayan & Mahabharat 🚩2/4 @chitranayal09
🕉Annual Largest boat race festival witnessed by lakhs Aranmula Boat Race on Pamba river is held on last day of Onam festival when 100Ft long Snake boats with 4 helmsmen, 100 rowers & 25 singers participate. After the watersport,an elaborate feast is given in Aranmula temple🚩3/4
🕉Shri Aranmula Parthasarathy Temple is where Lord Brahma worshipped Bhagwan Vishnu to retrieve the Vedas from the 2 demons Madhu & Kaitibha. The Holy jewels of Bhagwan Swami Ayyappan of #Sabarimala temple Is stored Here 🚩4/4 #IncredibleIndia @VMBJP @harshdeshpremi @Harsh__17
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