🤔💭 What do Biden Harris 2020, BLM, Tides Foundation #WatchTheWater 💦, Soros, Black Futures Lab, Chinese Progressive Association & Communist China 🇨🇳 all have in common?
You’re about to find out.
1. #symbolism will be their downfall.
2. I’ve been meaning to point out the symbolism for a while.
3 straight lines #symbolism Biden Harris “E” matches precisely up to BLM. And it’s all over the BLM site & merchandise.
They don’t hide it.
[They] aren’t very original are [they]? 🤨😏
3. You may know, you may not know about the “Shell company” ActBlue linked to BLM and through Bidens donation section. Drop 4446.
Is that all? Oh no!
Through their simple symbolism I found more...

📌 https://twitter.com/anjilloflight_/status/1270881205022531590?s=21
4. BLM donations. 👉🏻 You can see the url changes to “ActBlue” in my screenshot, but what is Tides Foundation?
“Your Contribution will benefit Black Lives Matter Support Fund at Tides Foundation.”
5. Tides Foundation: Liberal public charity, & lib lobby group. Founded Drummond Pike 👉🏻 worked w/ Lehman.
“Rcvd at least 3.5 million from financier & political activist George S0r0s.”
“1st fully staffed donor-advised fund in US.” For donors to be anonymous
ACORN embezzlement...
6. ACORN 👉🏻 Wade Rathke longterm friend of Pike & Founding Board Member of Tides 👉🏻 Paladin Partners 👉🏻 Pike Big Dem money donator. & this is only what’s on Wikipedia 😂
Keep going Tides to 👉🏻 “Black Futures Lab” 🤔 Well what’s that? 👉🏻 Brainchild of BLM co-founder Alicia Garza🤨
7. Here’s their site “Black Futures Lab”. Confirmed there she is. “Progressive” political agenda to “having the communities and political power we deserve.”
🚨“Black Futures Lab is a fiscally sponsored project of the Chinese Progressive Association” (CPA).🇨🇳

WAIT, WHAT?! 🧐 😳
8. A “Chinese” 501c3 that helps Chinese immigrants assimilate into American culture... is “fiscally sponsoring” a BLM spin-off, liberal org. Ok that’s not normal!
But on the outside it sounds good to help Chinese immigrants right? By why this org? & what about communist CCP. 🧐
9. Uh oh! 😳 🚨 Chinese Progressive Assoc of Boston sponsored CCP flag raising ceremony in Boston 10/01/2019, “to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the nation under the control of the CCP.”
10. And here is the video of this China Flag raising ceremony, of the group connected to DEMS.
I’m sure it’s nothing!🤨 Nothing to see here! Just the CCP flag 🇨🇳 flying next to the American Freedom flag 🇺🇸, a couple months b4 COVID19 aka China Virus.😠🤦🏻‍♀️
11. To understand the “infiltration instead of invasion” of ALL these Shells incl these charities & NGO’s, BLM, this Black Futures Lab, Tides etc that connect to China “Empire of the sun” communism & BLM Marxism dive in here 63 & 64, incl. deep symbolism👇🏻
https://twitter.com/anjilloflight_/status/1277801039056572418?s=21 https://twitter.com/anjilloflight_/status/1277801039056572418
12.🕷web summed up: Funds donated to Biden & BLM go to ActBlue (Most knew) but now incl. Co-Founder BLM, to Black Futures Lab 👉🏻 “a proud supporter of the BLM Global Network.” BFL is fiscally supported by Chinese Progressive Assoc supporting communism. Tides💦-, S0ros+
Wake Up!
13. I needed to make sure I showed the Biden Harris ticket donation button that goes to ActBlue because I mentioned it.
If anyone has spare time you can add up the exorbitant donations to Nancy Pelosi. I would😏 725 total ActBlue records in opensecrets.
👉🏻 https://www.opensecrets.org/donor-lookup/results?name=ACTBLUE&order=desc&sort=D
14. So there are a ton of things to dig here with what I started! People, Orgs, Sponsors, especially the Chinese Progressive Association and all of their connections back to China.
Feel free to dig and let me know if you find anything significant to add!
15. I just wanted to make note that now msnbc is showing our American flag 🇺🇸 reproduction with ONLY 3 white lines.
It is [their] allegiance. That’s how seeing it multiple times all over the place is to sway the mind.
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