She is thinking like a mathematician or a philosopher and there are a bunch of mathematicians in the replies saying so. I’m so mad that questioning received wisdom is seen as stupid
“it’s not that it’s dumb to ask these questions it’s the way she started off with ‘math isn’t real’, that’s dumb” Wittgenstein wrote an entire philosophy book about how philosophy isn’t real and it’s one of the classics of 20th century philosophy. Grow up
whenever my students are like “ok, this might sound dumb, but —“ I know they’re about to come out with something absolutely 🔥 🔥 🔥 that really gets to the heart of what we’re studying!!
there’s a whole branch of stats that’s about converting distribution patterns to “normal” (a bell curve), so you can make predictions based on that, and converting back again. maths doesn’t always have a self-evident 1=1 relationship with physical reality
“[x] isn’t real” is the beginning of all wisdom
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