No one warned the public that Russians were in a position to alter vote tallies & that the DHS was not in a position to monitor most county election systems. Yes, vote tallies might have been changed., yet Ds conceded w/o a fight. We cannot let them concede again. 1/
“By August [2016], the US Intelligence community had reported that Russian hackers could edit actual VOTE TALLIES, according to 4 of Obama’s senior advisors.” -Rigged by @davidashimer 2/
The book Rigged further reports that Jeh Johnson said, "We don't have surveillance tools to surveil what is happening with voter registration and election infrastructure unless the state offers up what they have and opens their closet for us." Very few counties worked w/ DHS. 3/
Thus, for the vast majority of COUNTY systems, there is no basis for claiming that "vote tallies weren't changed" in 2016. No one looked in a meaningful way. Much of the recount was by machine (not by hand) and was blocked. The DHS says it conducted no forensic analysis. 4/
11/ Author @JonathanSimon14’s exit poll analysis of the 2016 election revealed very substantial red shifts (difference between exit polls & reported outcomes favored Trump) concentrated in the battleground states, a striking and concerning pattern.
12/ Here is my full interview of @JonathanSimon14.
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