This person made an interesting comment .. I have *Thoughts*

A #thread begins..
I First replied with This comment, which is Factual and Relevant:
I corrected my spelling error (quickly) below it 🙄😜
But, This commenter on the thread {while somewhat of an aside} made a point that needed to be addressed...
I know, I know.. you're getting bored with the 'quote tweets' - I swear this is the last one!

Here's where that led me...
Very few people Actually understand #Census2020 - it's only done every 10 years after all.. {let's ignore the random pop ups the bureau does in between, shall we my persnickety friends?}

So, I'm going to do a 30 second history segue.. bear with me..
The #Census is *LITERALLY* written into the #Constitution

And we're supposed to count Everyone

Doesn't matter if you're:
Gender specific
Resident status {that means citizenship people!}
Own a home or Anything

If you Live here on the Day they Count - we Count You!!!
This Also isn't *Just* about Congressional redistricting {which is the thing most people know}

It Also means *FUNDING*

NOT just Federal Funding! Charities use census data to decide who They give their small $$ to; hospitals, schools, roads that need fixing.. you'd be surprised!


If they can't Count you?

You know what happens? They don't just pretend no one's there, typically gets Assumed to be the 'generic' for whatever is average for that region {psst -usually 2.4 white blah blah blah} they have to come up w\\Something
{PPPS - A LOT OF ENUMERATORS ARE ASSH*TS who are only there to get the Really fat paycheck.. I've fact checked So Many Addresses where it's been Crazy Obvious that the person before me LIED THEIR FACE OFF!! But, @ least you got Me on the job following up to get the Real deets 😘}
Anyway - why is this *SOOO* Important This time?

Cuz Trump's Cabal *Wanted* to make #Immigration & #Naturalization a Thing on This census.. but they lost the battle on it.

And then came #COVIDー19

Things got weird and the Census got pushed back for Months.. they lost nearly..
Half the Year for enumeration {live people door knocking for follow-up on non-responses} which should have started in March.. this operation didn't Begin until August in almost Every sector of the country.

Originally, we had until OCTOBER 31 to complete the Field work, until..
Early Spring of *Next Year* to complete the tabulation of the information we collected {to present to the administration -whomever that happened to be.. 🤨}

And then.. They Figured it out 🤬🤬🤬

Someone did the F'ing Math
And they pulled


and All of a sudden we had to Complete ALL THE OPERATIONS {including Citizen Responses!!!} By September 30!?!

All of a Sudden, the tabulation had to be In by 12\\31\\2020 -while *this* admin was Still in charge.

{Don't worry, I've remembered my original point I'm getting there 😘}

Cuz They realized..



Which, reminded me of why I wrote this screed in the first place...

It takes a *Special* kind of Administration

To look at the Census

A Hallowed tradition

And do things like:
"Well, we weren't able to Eliminate "illegals" from the census since that Stupid Constitution makes us count Everyone..

So, let's just 'officially' make "Hispanics & Latinex" people be a whole separate category and not Actually count them Racially

Which, sneakily, cuts Funding!

Have Leading verbiage in the Mandatory language in the App given to enumerators, like originally mentioned.. Leading people who would instinctively identify as something Else (middle eastern\\other\\etc) to self-identify as "White" - which, Again, changes the Demo And FUNDING!
I read a Brilliant thread the other day\\week\\month {oh, Time in the time of Corona.. Sigh 🤷} by someone i wish i remembered.. who made an Insightful point that there Ought to be a New designation {as long as we were still Doing this Stupid Racial thing} called #MENA

Stood for:

Middle Eastern\\North African

I personally liked it, cuz I think it might have extended high enough {based on dude's description} to grasp the lower Caucasus & Finally get Armenia out of Russia's\\Turkey's Evil Auspices..

We're a tortured people.. and misunderstood..
And, according to my grandfather, *not white* 🙄😜

But according to the government, Totally white..

I'm mixed {my dad's a bastard who voted for evil.. So I've only got myself to represent.. I don't Really care much.. but, I've found many Other people are interested in this}
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