When billions of pounds of tax are spent without question on roads with no cycling infrastructure, how come mainstream press don’t ask about those who can’t drive, yet when a fraction is allocated to cyclist infrastructure, there’s an outcry ‘what about those who can’t cycle?’
Because contrary to common perception, better walking and cycling infrastructure benefits the elderly, disabled and children. 45% of pedestrian fatalities due to RTCs are older people yet they only represent 15% of the population. And yet, when we try to campaign for an LTN...
In B30, we are told we know nothing about elderly people. Isn’t it sad that people’s independence is snatched away if they can no longer drive, if they are dependent only on people who have to drive to care for them, and if their neighbours who are younger live a life they is
‘That’ is so disconnected from the community around them, that they barely go anywhere without their car, not even recognising a Neighbour’s face because they only ever walk between front door and car door.
But it really doesn’t have to be this way. We don’t need to look far to see how experimental schemes in (mainly) Northern Europe made huge differences. They did the groundwork in 3 decades, and we are v fortunate that we can now replicate these proven schemes. Let’s do it #Brum.
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