What we’re seeing today is the tremendous need for more diversity in newsrooms. It’s white supremacy at work and we can’t do anything Bc whiteness gave them these platforms. The WHITE Deputy Director of ABC erased Michelle Obama & praised a racist birther. Refuses 2 retract
What are WW supposed to do? Who do we complain to? She’s the DEPUTY DIRECTOR. All day we’ve watched white ppl cream their jeans over a racist birther, we’ve watched lie after lie about Biden and the police. They don’t respond when we reply... they just double down and gas each
Other up. I’m in tears. I can’t handle four more years. My kids can’t handle it but these white pundits just don’t care. They think it’s funny and cute to get us all worked up Bc they aren’t the ones who will suffer. We are. I can’t do this. My clients can’t do this. If they
Lose their Medicaid.. they die, but Black bodies are expendable to these ppl. I’m sorry for everyone who has been sitting here ( I got off early today to hear Kamala’s call with Brenda Lawrence) a bundle of nerves today. I’m sitting here knowing if he wins every Civil Right our
Elders fought and died for Will be gone once he gets those 2 SCOTUS picks. RBG won’t make it four years and neither will Breyer. Every vacancy On the federal bench will be filled and my grand babies who haven’t even been born yet will suffer. I know a lot of you will be okay
You’re white, you have nice homes, good jobs, all that. I don’t hate you for it, I wish I was in that position. I’m not. I’m tired of begging white ppl to do the right thing. I’m tired of rich Black men threatening to suppress the vote & Im tired of white fauxgressives co-opting
And bastardizing everything that’s ours. Then using it to cause us more pain. I’m Tired of looking at smirking white men’s Avis as they use their big platforms to dangle the threat of four more years over us. I’m tired of feeling like no matter how hard we beg it won’t be
Enough Bc whiteness always protects itself. I don’t know what’s gonna happen in Nov and I know we hate doom and gloom twitter but I can’t front like everything’s rosy Bc it’s not. I’m scared. I don’t know how I’m gonna get thru the next 70 days. I’ll just end with this.. VOTE
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