Hey, @CBCEdmonton, yesterday during at least one newscast on Radio One, you chose to air a voice "clip" of our Premier lying about physicians' remuneration, lies that are demonstrably false. Why would you do that? Don't you have a responsibility to the truth? /1 #ableg
If you have to put him on the air, then why not immediately fact check him?

If you broadcast lies, are you not explicitly condoning those lies?

Where are your ethical boundaries?

I have always been a proponent of CBC, particularly CBC Radio.

/2 #abmedia #cbc #ohcanada
I was sickened by the blatant lying by our Premier, and everyone should be ... but because of you, some people might believe him.

Shame on you.

We need news reporting to be honest, now more than ever.


#disappointed #sotiredofthis #abhealth #abdocs4patients
Sorry, I guess that'd be implicitly condoning lies.

Also, I have a keyboard that puts in a double space sometimes, very aggravating.)
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