1/ PSA: If you’re wondering what it means to “make a plan for voting” & HOW to do it...

Here’s a thread w/ the specifics voters need. Please share.

Most impt: Contact your LOCAL elections office for details. Rules vary from place to place.

Let’s begin> https://www.usa.gov/election-office 
2/ If you’re not already registered, get registered NOW.

If you’re already registered, double-check your address, especially if you plan to vote by-mail.
3/ If you’re going to vote by-mail, unless you live in an all-mail state, you need to REQUEST a “mail” or “absentee” ballot — usually with a mail-in form, or online.

Do this ASAP — like, now.

And also return your ballot ASAP — early! This helps election officials and
@USPS. https://twitter.com/jchaltiwanger/status/1298282724168478720
4/ If you vote by mail, follow the instructions to return your ballot CAREFULLY and EXACTLY to ensure your ballot is not rejected, and is counted properly.

Your signature is *especially* important.

And return your ballot EARLY!

Please see this important checklist for details: https://twitter.com/eddiepereztx/status/1283780212828901387
5/ More details about returning by-mail ballots:

- Determine whether you need to provide postage

- Ask about postmark requirements; you can always ask the post office for a hand stamp, just to be sure

- If close to Election Day, ask about drop-off/drop-box options instead
6/ Voters with disabilities should ask the local office about accessible voting options.

You might be able to complete a remote accessible ballot on your home computer, print and mail it.

Any form of electronic return of your marked ballot is *strongly* discouraged. Not secure.
7/ If you plan to vote in-person, ask about “Early Voting” options — these usually last about two weeks before Election Day.

You should have several convenient Early polling sites to choose from, over several days.

Think about your health and PPE. Wear a mask!
8/ If you plan to vote on Election Day, find your polling location *well ahead of time.*

If your area uses “vote centers,” you should have a choice of several.

If “precinct voting,“ ask for the specific place you must go to (no others).

Plan for transportation, & wear a mask!
9/ If you plan to vote in-person, find out local info about the following, which you might need to take with you to the polling place:

- Voter ID

- Voter registration card

- A pre-filled Sample Ballot, with the choices for your ballot style; this can help you vote efficiently.
10/ Whether you vote by-mail or in-person...

TAKEAWAY #1 👇👇👇 https://twitter.com/eddiepereztx/status/1298384946743083009?s=21
11/ Whether you vote by-mail or in-person...

TAKEAWAY #2: Be patient after Election Day while ballots are counted.

We may not know who wins the Presidency until early December. Accuracy takes time. Everyone should reset expectations. https://twitter.com/eddiepereztx/status/1297783273461096448?s=21
12/ Whether you vote by-mail or in-person...

TAKEAWAY #3: Think carefully about the election-related information you consume.

Know your sources, and which ones are credible (or not).

Be *especially* mindful of what you share.

Don’t feed conspiracy theories. #TrustedInfo2020
13/ Bottom line: Equal access to voting should be a nonpartisan issue. We live in a democracy. Make your voice heard. Vote.

Contact your local elections office, educate yourself, and shape the future. We gotta live in it.

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