By her own proud admission, Gorcenski herself worked with militias in Charlottesville. There's a direct line from there to this, if anyone wants to make it.
And not for fucking nothing, last night was *exactly* why I've been suspect of Gorcenski since day fucking one. Someone with such poor judgment as to actively collude with racist militias (and cops) is no comrade of mine.

She was fucking bragging about it...
"And I believed them when they told me... that they reject white nationalism."

Ok. Please teach me about antifascism. Genius.
Just wandering in and out of meetings with cops and other fascist militia formations... sure hope they give you a blue check and make you a frequent source for all things antifa. lol.
The most dangerous people in any movement are the people who think they're the first, best or most-singularly indispensable from the jump and assert their individual authority to explain things they just learned yesterday.
lurk more. listen more. and for fuck's sake, don't go half-cocked into open meetings with fascist formations or work with cops. thankfully, people like this usually don't know enough to even know they should be ashamed of shit like this.
but they expose people to a lot of otherwise-avoidable danger in the throes of their narcissism and we reward them for confidence with blue checks and immediate, unrevokable positions as necessary knowledge-havers.
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