😭😭😭 What a perfect time! 😭😭😭 I just wanna die 😭😭😭 Gulf, I wanna hug you 😭😭😭 #MewGulfAU https://twitter.com/Moonlight8920/status/1298672844281454599
Huff..Now I will put my trust on Mild and Saint, I hope they could try to make Gulf believe that Mew deserves a 2nd chance. And don't add Bright in the picture please, I dunno where is his position rn related to Gulf, just please don't make things more.... #MewGulfAU
complicated than it already is.
It feels like I want to strangle Mew, tbh. But, regretting by saying "he should have..." doesn't make things get better. No matter what, knowing about Gulf's past plays a big part on how Mew approach Gulf in the first place.... #MewGulfAU
And also the progressing they had, before the bitter reality finally hit him, hit us. If there was no Mew reading his file, there will be no Mew trying to understand Gulf & follow his pace, and for sure there will be no #MewGulf is dating days ago.... #MewGulfAU
All of these just tormenting! But I am standing for Gulf, so even if he couldn't trust Mew anymore (which I don't hope so), or even worse couldn't trust himself(which I don't hope so too), at least I hope he will still give the chance for Mew to.... 😣😣😣 #MewGulfAU
defense himself, to explain himself. With all of these damn thing that is happening rn, we still got Tul out there, & I dunno whether Oni is still alive or not, Nida as the key to the mystery is being put aside rn, just like I said, WHAT A PERFECT TIME!!!!! 🤯🤯🤯 #MewGulfAU
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