1) This is my Q thread for August 8, 2020.

My theme:
The Great Deceivers
2) A minor theme of Q's posts is how elites use symbolism to convey their support of certain ideologies.

The problem with pointing out suspected cases of symbolism is that it can be taken too far and incorrect assumptions can be made.
3) Many people have asked me why POTUS uses Illuminati hand gestures.

I had no idea what they were referring to so I looked it up.
4) Apparently, a pyramid shape is an Illuminati symbol.

The argument is then made that anyone who holds their hands this way must be a member of the Illuminati.

Of course, some people hold their hands a certain way, not knowing that it's supposed to have a secret meaning.
5) People have asked why we used an Illuminati symbol for the cover of our book "Calm Before the Storm."

I had no idea what this was in reference to, so I asked what specifically was associated with the Illuminati.

I was told that a checkerboard pattern is an Illuminati symbol.
6) I wasn't aware that people associated a checkerboard with the Illuminati.

We chose this pattern because much of Q's operation involves game theory which we explain in one chapter using the game of chess as an illustration.
7) Sometimes, people infer the use of symbolism where it is not intended.
8) However, sometimes the use of symbolism is intentional.

Owl and goat head (Y) symbols are often associated with the occult.
9) The goat head (Baphomet) symbol is a trademarked insignia of the Church of Satan.

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