"After Biden wins, the Confederacy-sympathizers who think minority communities & liberals are destroying America aren’t going to fold up shop."

Trump legitimized racism.

Our mobilized, multi-racial nation must now educate & enact reform for equality. https://demcastusa.com/2020/08/26/the-rnc-playing-to-the-base/
One way our nation can start to heal is to elect diverse candidates. #RepresentationMatters

Contribute to 50+ races in swing states at every level.

I will contribute $1 for every RT up to $500. Help me spread the word.

#DemCast #Focus14 https://secure.actblue.com/donate/americaoftomorrow2020
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I challenge you to a $5 contribution and tag 5 others to do the same. Don’t forget to RT above- I’ve pledged $500!
Thank you for rt’ing! So excited to contribute to these amazing candidates.

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