My Grandfather was an elite. He owned the second largest sugarcane farm in Cuba. What’s the Venezuelan Embassy in Havana today, right on their own version of “5th Ave” used to be our house.
He had 9 children, my Dad being the youngest.
3 of them were rounded up and thrown...
in prison. My Dad who was an air force pilot for the Cuban military was ordered to bomb Bay of Pigs, before they even knew who was there or what was really going on.
When he got home, my Grandpa told him two of his brothers where there. That’s when he started questioning..
everything. He had heard of a special course they were offering in Russia, so he signed up knowing the plane would refuel in Alaska. Once there him and a friend jumped off and ran for it under fire. They ran so much they ended up in Canada. Not a dime in his pockets....
couldn’t speak English or French and had never been in that kind of cold weather, for which he didn’t even had a jacket.
After construction jobs here and there at 22, he finally made it across the border to NY where he claimed asylum. After a couple of years in NY, he was told...
about Puerto Rico and a job opportunity, so he went there. Met my mother a few years later, had three handsome boys, specially the middle child 😉 and built his own business which he ran successfully until he passed in 1991.
They put us all in American schools and always...
Taught us the importance of learning to speak English and to respect and love America. He was a big time Reagan supporter.
My Grandpa back in Cuba lost everything to the Castro Regime, even though they were “elites”, but the govt also knew about my uncles pro capitalism...
teachings as professors at the Univ of Havana where they where grabbed and thrown in jail, with no due process for years.
Farm gone. House gone. Family gone. Money gone. Liberty gone. All of it gone.
My Mom, also Cuban, got lucky and left with her Mom to NY with a permit, she was
was from the country side, govt saw them as useless, uneducated, so no use, get rid of them.
Gays, the sick, the old were all thrown in prisons and left behind.
You see, socialism/communism doesn’t care who you are, what you have or what color you are, if you don’t fall in line..
or have something to offer them that would expand their power and wealth, you’re seen as a waste of space and will get rid of you.
When I see all these Hollywood elites and elites of all kinds applauding the left in the USA, I always think, “these morons believe they’re...
immune to what’s coming” because they tweet for them or attack us in public. All that will quickly be forgotten once they have control. No one is safe.
Happening in Venezuela as we speak. Always the same script. Yet, our elites and established bureaucrats think they’re safe.
This election is the most important in generations. Whether you like Trump or not as a person is irrelevant. You’re not going to date him. You have to let him keep fighting these evil moronic forces. It’s the only one that wants to and able to. Four more years might not be..
enough, but it’s a start. Look how much truth has come out on his first term. Without the Dems on his back and without a re election looming, his second term will be fire. We must Drain the Swamp for this country to survive.

Think for yourself. Be free.
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