Here in Valdez, Alaska, at ~ 9AM, the cops brutally beat a brown kid on the ground and nearly killed him. He was screaming when they 2 cops were kneeling on his back that he couldn’t breathe. When he struggled to get air, one of the cops slammed his knee against his neck.
The cop slammed his knee against his neck so hard, you could hear the crack of his head smashing the concrete from more than 1 street away. He screamed that he wasn’t doing anything, and that he was only skateboarding, that he didn’t feel safe, and that he wanted another officer.
This kid was terrified, and these cops brutalized him. Everybody looked away, and nobody got involved. I’m doing this because this story needs to get out, and we want everyone to know that it’s happening up here too.

#BlackLivesMatter #BrownLivesMatter #DefundThePolice #BLM
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