just cant stop thinking about how PURE and GOOD jungkook is, how much MAGIC he has inside his heart??? Like have you ever met someone so in harmony with every single aspect of nature and whose solemn goal is to spread love, feel love and happiness?? The way he’s so gentle to all+
living things, how he’s so kind and gentle to all animal species, how he believes in love and all sorts of love, how he always listens and never complains, how he is so artistic and passionate about everything he does, how he is so reliable and understanding, how incredibly +
smart he is, the way he is in love with the world and the simplest things in life, the way he giggles and is interested even in the smallest of tasks, how he loves making others happy, how he always reminds himself to be happy, how he always cares for people he doesn’t +
even know, how he always reminds armys to be happy, how he always takes care of the members and gently explains his emotions even when he’s upset, the way he is so patient and full of jokes and mischief but wouldn’t dare to even hurt the smallest of creature. Have you +
ever met someone that encompasses the meaning of “Love” and “magic” better than him??? He IS the definition of magic and love, he IS the best person alive
No cause it’s actually insane how that boy is literally a piece of heaven on earth.... y’all im@in love helo
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