Kyle Rittenhouse is 17 years old. Teenagers and young adults are most vulnerable to indoctrination and radicalization, especially by authoritarian figures and ideologies. Which is why they are often used/ encouraged to carry out attacks or coerced towards violence.
There needs to be a broader investigation and understanding of the echo-chamber Rittenhouse belonged to and who were the adults responsible for his indoctrination, access to weaponry, travel, and if there was significant coercion that encouraged violent acts against protestors.
Yes, Rittenhouse should be punished but so should all who enabled him. Mass coercion campaigns are targeted and the goal is to encourage or force violent acts against opponents. Terrorists, govs, & criminals rely on children, teenagers, and young adults to do their dirty work.
In order to understand terrorism you need to understand the indoctrination process, the organization, and the logistics involving each group or individual. Reactionaries will never win a revolution or make change happen. Knowledge is the best compliment to Justice.
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