THREAD: Facebook has once again found itself at the center of a radicalized movement that ended in murder.

From white supremacist to boogaloo to militia groups, Facebook has served as a primary organizing mechanism, and Kenosha, Wisconsin, was no different.
A Facebook Event organized by the group Kenosha Guard called on fellow militia members to take up arms and guard businesses from protesters:

“Any patriots willing to take up arms and defend our city tonight from the evil thugs?”
On June 30, Facebook made an announcement claiming that it had removed a boogaloo network

The move came nearly a month after multiple boogaloo bois were arrested on counter-terrorism charges & weeks after boogaloo supporters murdered an officer in Oakland
TTP identified 110 new Facebook boogaloo groups that were created since June 30, when Facebook announced it was banning a “violent” boogaloo network. At least 18 of the groups were created on the same day as Facebook’s announcement and network removal.
After TTP’s report earlier this month, Facebook has once again failed to remove large national-level boogaloo groups.

Several now have thousands of members, and they’re once again organizing to take up arms in places like Wisconsin and Louisiana.
The boogaloo supporters who have joined their brothers’ call to arms in Wisconsin have been involved in altercations that are then broadcast in the boogaloo groups that Facebook continues to allow operating on the platform with impunity.
Some boogaloo bois have claimed the shooter in Kenosha last night was one of their own, while others have suggested that his support of police means he’s not a boogaloo supporter.
Regardless of the alleged killer’s particular affiliation, he is being revered as a hero by the boogaloo bois – and memes identifying him as a king of their ideals are already circulating.
As @donie tells @andersoncooper, Facebook has deleted the event posted by the Kenosha Guard militia group, but the damage has already been done.
The events in Kenosha are yet another example of Facebook’s failure to adequately address radicalized movements & dangerous orgs on its platform.

The continued public relations announcements regarding one-off efforts do not address the platform’s role in amplifying violence
A Facebook spokesperson told CNN that the company had removed the Kenosha Guard page bec it “violated the company’s policy on militia organizations.”

But a FB user shared images with TTP revealing that they reported the Kenosha Guard page -- FB said it didn't violate standards
The screenshots show that this user reported the Kenosha Guard Facebook page specifically for its promotion of violence, a violation of Facebook’s policies.

Not only that, but the page was reported *after* the shooting. Facebook still determined it didn't violate standards
Facebook’s response to CNN regarding violations of its militia policies was a stark contrast to what the company said in its report response.

It wasn't until after the event received widespread media attention that Facebook decided to take any action.
On June 30, Senators @maziehirono @MarkWarner @SenatorMenendez wrote a letter to Facebook regarding the platform's continued failure to deal\\ violent groups

Facebook's failure to act on user reports in Kenosha shows that it can't be trusted by Congress.
Failing to stop violence isn't Facebook's only broken promise -- they company has also told CNN @donie that it is removing content praising the Kenosha shooter.

Spoiler: The posts we highlight below praising the shooter are still active & gaining likes.
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