Normalize shutting the fuck up and keeping your Zionist ideology in the trash where it belongs.

Here is a thread to why Israel should never be considered an ethnic state and why its petty to use ‘the Jewish dilemma in the Arab world’ to support your genocide march
starting off, everything im going to tweet is legit and nothing will be scraped off the basement floor of foolery and blind prejudice. This is simply a thread that explains why Israel and everyone who supports its ethnic annihilation and balderdash, should shut the hell up.
What is Zionism?
When did it start and why? (I hope y’all take your time to read and RT the thread because this is very important)
Israel’s apartheid reality and inhumanity. Read the OHCHR presence and adoration claims here:
And there are many many Jews against Zionist, do not associate Jews with Zionism. Israel destroyed the morals of Judaism by doing what they’re doing. Nowadays they’re always Christian-Jews (whatever that may mean) in, but still prohibiting other religions and practices.
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