Starting today, I'm going to share one daily thing I've learned. I'm hoping you find it interesting and that it motivates you to share your learnings w/ others. Everyone wants more knowledge but we are limited by our work, our environment, and our relationships. This is ok
It doesn't matter if it comes from work, personal research, trial & error etc. In order for society to tackle some of the issues that plague us, we must be more collaborative. What you share has the ability to change the world. Believe it.
Day 1: There are 90 million prediabetic Americans. 84% of people w/ prediabetes have no idea. Diabetes contributes to $327 bn in medical costs & expected 600+bn by 2030. Thx to @SamCorcos for the facts, excited to watch @unlocklevels make the world a better place. Check them out
Day 2: recommended source of fruits & vegetables is 400g (5-9 servings). Only 10% of ppl meet this benchmark. Breakdown should be: 1 part fruits, 2 part berries!, and 3 parts veggies. Eat berries & veggies w/ fat to improve absorption of nutrients. Thx to @biohackingbook for info
Day 3: isometric training (fixed muscle length, ex wall-sits) allows you to hold max tension for 8 seconds which is 24x what you can achieve w/ isotonic training (ex bench press). Isometric allows you to recruit 7% more of your muscle fibers (95 vs 88) Thx to @bengreenfield 🐐
Day 4: Waking up to pee in the middle of the night is a blocker for quality sleep. Try limiting your fluid intake to 6-10 fl oz during the last 90 minutes before bed.

P.S I peed 2x last night. I'm no expert. Actually the opposite. Just a guy trying to make ppl healthier/happier
Day 5: Most of us breathe too much. 75% of the oxygen we take in we breathe back out. Breathing too much actually makes it harder for the body to offload oxygen into the tissues muscles and organs. Breathing less/deeper allows us to optimize our breath
Day 6: Your body's ability to perform at its peak is directly correlated to the stillness of mind. Any “noise” interferes w/ the central nervous’ system communication to your muscles. This is why daily meditation, exercise, & outdoor exposure is valuable for us to be at our best
Day 7: "Be aggressively open-minded. Instead of trying to point yourself in the right direction, admit you have no idea what the right direction is and try instead to be super sensitive to the winds of change". - @paulg
Day 8: Most think saturated fats (egg yolks, olive oil, full-fat yogurt, etc.) are bad for you because they are high in calories. Saturated fats give your brain the raw materials it needs to function optimally, strengthens your immune system, & improves your liver/lung health
Day 9: Create parts of your day where you are deliberately working on something that you struggle with. This is not a fun exercise. However, if you never push yourself outside of your comfort zone you will never improve. Everyone can improve. We can all be great
Day 10: If you have had too much caffeine before bed take 1000-2000mg of vitamin C to help caffeine leave the body quicker.

In general, try to finish caffeinated beverages 8-10 hrs before bed
Day 11: Fail fast fail often. Unlearn how to be a perfectionist
Day 12: movement is spiritually, physically, and emotionally tied what it means to be human. Combining movement with a beautiful backdrop ( @ZionNPS) and someone/people you care deeply about leads to a euphoric experience
Day 13: before bed, try a spoonful of organic honey to replenish depleted glycogen storage. If your brain runs out of glycogen storages in the middle of the night, it will start producing adrenaline and cortisol (stress hormones) which will wake you up
Day 14: Checking your phone when you wake up trains your brain that anxiety/stress is coming to you. This lightens your sleep throughout the night.

I will either journal, meditate, walk, or read to start the day for the next 30 days. On 10/9 I will have a "light sleep" update
Day 15: Find relationships between your physical and mental health. They are highly correlated. We have been programmed to be fearful of all physical ailments but to minimize any emotional discomfort. Treat them as equals
Day 16: Avg person in the US consumes 126g of sugar/day. 2x daily intake maximum given by @WHO. 70-80% comes from "hidden sugar" found in processed foods (yogurt, pizza, soda, and other "convenience food"). These sugars can block the absorption of calcium, magnesium, zinc & iron
Day 17: Humans need more than 7 hours of sleep each night to maintain cognitive performance. After 10 days of 7 hours of sleep, the brain is as dysfunctional as it would be after going without sleep for 24 hours
Day 18: On average, we take over 20k breaths/day. Improving breathing mechanics can: improve spine mobility, increase stability throughout the lumbar spine & pelvis, and increase HRV. When breathing think about getting air to the upper ribs. S/o @TPhillips_DPT for knowledge
Day 19: Eggs are close to the perfect food. Rich in vitamins, proteins, nutrients & minerals. To maximize the nutrients in the yolk, eat it raw (sunny side up) or slightly cooked (over easy). Frying or boiling the egg oxidizes fats, denatures the protein, and reduces vitamins
Day 20: 75% of American's are chronically dehydrated. Try to drink half your weight in fl oz. This fluid intake does not include all liquids, just high-quality H20. If you plan on sweating, drink more. Adequate hydration is a great way for the body to dispose of toxins.
Day 21: "Relentlessly prune bullshit, don't wait to do things that matter, and savor the time you have." @paulg

This is brilliant, especially during these uncertain times 
Day 22: Sounds crazy but one of the best ways to recover quicker is fasting. On days where my HRV/deep sleep is low I try to fast. Just 12-16 hrs of fasting can stimulate stem cell preduction & cause cellular autophagy (self eating process when cells recycle damaged components)
Day 23: If you experience knee pain when running (like me) it could be due to your knees tracking inwards (like me). Besides for glute, hamstring, hip strength & mobility, try walking barefoot. This will (hopefully) create muscle memory of how our joints are designed to move
Day 24: spend time in places that force you to realize how small we are

Yellowstone ✅
Teton ✅
Day 26: humans lack the enzyme required to breakdown fructans.

This is why wheat, rye, barely, and onion can cause gas and bloating.

Thx to trial and error (🥴) & @biohackingbook for info
Day 27: "Breathing is the only way that we know of, biologically speaking, to deliberately get a handle on your nervous system."

Deep breathing (just 6-8 deep breaths) can help slow down your heart rate & relax entire body

Thx to @LFeldmanBarrett & @podcastnotes for knowledge
Day 28: For increasing deep sleep try sleeping with socks (especially wool socks).

Keeping your feet warm will help dilate blood vessels, which promotes a more efficient redistribution of heat throughout the body

Thx to @bengreenfield for the tip

cc: @TejayAntone
Day 29: "Self-knowledge is self-mastery" @BlasMoros

Check out  (aka the Rabbit Hole), he is one of the best synthesizers of information on the internet.

His teacher reference guides on @paulg & complexity are things I constantly find myself going back to
Day 30: To constantly improve, you must: know where you are today, be able to clearly articulate where you want to go (goals), and build a plan (continuous feedback loops) on how to get there

S/o to @BauerOutage for this mindset. His commitment to this process is unfathomable
Day 31: "We know more about the health of our cars than we know about our own health. That’s farcical. And it’s about to change" @davidasinclair
Day 32: Kiwis have many health benefits that are largely overlooked.

2 kiwis (one serving) contain:

- More vitamin C than oranges
- More potassium than bananas
- Has been proven to lead to more efficient sleep
- Contains enzymes (actinidin) that can help digest protein
Day 33: "Time is even less forgiving than the tightest conveyor belt — there is no cord to stop it, and not even one minute that’s lost can ever be recovered...our supply is fundamentally limited." @fortelabs
Day 34: Go on more walks. Be grateful for your ability to move. Show your gratitude by moving more.

A big thanks to @thomasjbevan1 for this brilliant piece: 

"The moment my legs begin to move my thoughts begin to flow". - Thoreau
Day 35: Do things that are uncomfortable.

Yesterday, for the first time ever, I fasted for ~24 hr (s/o Yom Kippur).

I'm not sure what this "discomfort" will tangibly result in but am confident that it will allow me to push my limits in other areas of my life
Day 36: When in the middle of a difficult workout, smile.

Smile b/c you're grateful to have the opportunity to push yourself.

Smile because it will help you perform better

Smiling, or even seeing a smiling face, can increase exercise efficiency & time to exhaustion

Day 37: Maintaining a stable level of blood sugar without a feedback loop is difficult (one day we will all have this and not have to guess!)

However, best practices to stabilize these levels are: refraining from overeating/snacking, walks after meals, and mindfulness practices
Day 38: Why sleep data is so important:

lack of sleep -> hungry/tired -> eat more during day -> lethargic/distracted -> hard workout -> big meal -> poor sleep -> under-recovered day 2, repeat cycle

This cycle is very easy to fall into, trust me! Track your sleep and recovery.
Day 39: “The soul does not grow by addition but by subtraction.” - Meister Eckhart via @fittinsider
Day 40: Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara lived to be 105 & often had milk and cookies for lunch.

His longevity advice: "Find your passion, take the stairs, relax the rules, & don't retire "

In our constant pursuit of discipline and productivity, his simple life philosophy is therapeutic
Day 41: You've probably heard of the 4:7:8 breathing method to help you relax, (4 second inhale, 7 second hold, 8 second exhale) here's why it works:

A process called cardiac coherence, which activates parasympathetic nervous system, slows the heart rate, and increases HRV
Day 42: Viewing knowledge not as a way to compete with the world but as ammo to help the world has been such a breakthrough for my motives and productivity
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