‼️Peak surge potential 15-20 feet!‼️
To the east of landfall on Vermillion Bay is Jeanerette
One of the poorest communities in Louisiana.
It's 75% African American. Median household income $29,533.
We can't forget about these #environmentaljustice communities. #ClimateCrisis 1/ https://twitter.com/ChrisGNBCBoston/status/1298468433936486403
It's in a Parish hit hard with #COVID19 - a Parish population of 69,830 and 2,686 confirmed cases. 2/
Another community I'm concerned about is Lake Charles - it's 47% African American. Also hit hard by #COVID19 - a Parish of 203,436 with 7,284 cases and 178 deaths. 3/
Again, #environmentaljustice communities are hit first and worst in this #ClimateCrisis. When it comes to response and recovery - we need to make sure these communities aren't forgotten about. #ClimateAction #ClimateChange 4/
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