#In_the_SOOP ep2 crying thread
last time i most definitely missed the opening so i just finally heard the opening song and i cried part x1
yoongi hot
i see we're playing the 'where is taehyung?' game again here huh thanks for nothing, i hope he was just having fun idc if it was filmed or not
taehyungieee 13 mins in lmao
yas give us gamer taehyung
can i have their fridge please i'm a food anti anyway all i need is drinks and hot men walking around the fridge 24/7
can i have a couple of yoongis in my life for better luck please, thanks
jungkook fishing is my new religion
yoongi buff with his tiny little fila bag pls
taehyung league of legends king say no more
the song jk is playing reminds me of something else but my brain struggles so hard
joonie leaving the game so vmin can play together i might cry
yoongi van gogh
i love bts
omg the boats that's the collest thing ever ?? i thought controlled cars were cool but boats seem even cooler
hobi bestest boy pls give him all the planes and gliders and birds in the universe
at this point i'm pretty sure jin can cook anything so how about he cooks me instead of that fish
vmin singing omg yes besties
the talks about kichi fried rice making me sad as i'm super hungry and havent eaten yet and i have work after watching the episode help
jungkook tasting if fish is poisonous is the behaviour i respect and stand by
i'm hungry hungry hungry
end of thread, i love bts
gotta prepare for work now hhh
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