Dr. Douaihy is an accomplished clinical researcher on SUD and dual-diagnosis treatment. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him on a few projects over the years. Very much looking forward to this presentation... https://twitter.com/PittSTREAM/status/1298606578015383552
Dr. Douaihy explains past research, indicating that greater "accurate empathy" among therapists is associated with better alcohol use treatment outcomes in patients over months-to-years. @PittSTREAM #addiction #recovery
Fewer confrontations by therapists, and more empathic treatment style, relate to better treatment retention and better outcomes. #addiction #recovery
Many applications for motivational interviewing, within and beyond substance use intervention... #addiction #recovery
Important to note: motivational interviewing is not passive "cheerleading" - it involves active presence and understanding patients' personal values and lived experiences. The process comes from a place of acceptance and reflexive engagement. #addiction #recovery
Of particular interest to my research - single-session MI can be effective for unhealthy patterns of alcohol use in ED settings. I wonder how similar brief interventions can be staged online with hazardous drinking, when individuals recently experience negative drinking outcomes.
Wrapping up the @PittSTREAM presentation w/ Dr. Douaihy: the process of motivational interviewing. Noting that MI is a process of growth for the therapist as well... with careful training and through incorporating patient feedback, practice is refined. #addiction #recovery fin.
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