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Manasarover and Rakshastal

The two lake located next to each other and divided by a thin isthmus of mountain.

Manasarover is the sacred fresh water lake & round like Sun.
Rakshastal is devil brackish water & has the shape of Crescent moon.
The two lakes represent the Solar & Lunar Forces,Good and negative energies.
Manasarover combination of two word 'Man' means Mind & 'Sarovara' means a large Pond.

Mansarover is first created in the mind of Bhramha after which it manifested in the earth. It is the highest body
of Freshwater in the world of 120 sq miles surface area.
This lake is personification of purity. The color of lake changes from clear blue around the shore & emerald green at the centre. This lake looks magical in moon light .
It is believed that in Bhramhamuhrta Saptarishis
& Devatas decsend to this lake in the form of visible light to take a holy dip.

Rakshastal is said to be created by Ravana while he was doing severe penance around Kailash to impress Mahadev Shiva.

Mansarovar is constantly remain calm & undisturbed irrespective of weather
Where as Rakshyastal is constantly stormy and turbulent .
Where Mansarover presents an inviting appearance ,no one even love to touch the water of Rakshastal .
Thank you So much @RatanSharda55 Sir for two beautiful photograph of Mansarover and Rakshyastal
@Anushila5 ji thanks ,usdin apke Mansarovar bala video dekh ke man hua likhne ka ye thread 🤗🙏🙏
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