How To Beat An Addiction.

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No doubt every living being have an addiction,
be it positive or negative addictions,
but here I’m about to tell you how to defeat a negative addiction.
In this thread I’m going to give you the 3 steps I took in order to conquer my porn and drug addiction:

Step 1: Acceptances

You have to accept the fact that your obsessive behavior is a problem and it’s ruining your life. If you don’t see it as a
problem you’ll never have the drive to fight it, so in that case you’ll continue being addicted maybe for the rest of your life.
Step 2: Stop

You just gotta stop indulging in the following habit first by will power, but we all know will power isn’t an effective long term tool for stoping an addiction so step 3 comes into play.
Step 3: Replacing Your Obsessive Habit

Like I posted earlier in this thread, every living being have an addiction, so stoping your negative obsessive habit just creates a void and if that void isn’t replaced within a short while you’ll definitely go back to your addiction.
So in that case you have to replace that behavior with another activity that also give your brain the dopamine reward you so much desire while improving your life in the process for example:
1.Replacing recreational drug use with meditation and exercise.
2.Starting up a side hustle to keep you occupied.
3.Replacing porn addiction with actually going out and hitting up on real women.
4.Channeling your sexual energy into creative works such as writing,
music, art, coding etc.
So my friends, these are the steps I took in order to beat my addiction and I hope this is useful to you.

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