Be warned, I will be linking to some pretty graphic images, and video. And this is gonna be a long read, so ya may wanna bookmark and chip away.

I am going to include some links to documentaries at the end as well. https://youtube.com/watch?feature=share&v=6PXORQE5-CY
(2) Again, this thread will NOT be short. Youve been warned.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, born May 29, 1917, was the 35th President of the United States Of America.

He was also a Navy man, having served honorably in WWII, even being awarded the Purple Heart.
(3) I am going to assume most of you reading this thread are aware of his family history, war exploits, and the Bay Of Pigs, so I won’t go into a lot of detail, but I am going to be touching upon the Bay Of Pigs, as well as the Cuban Missile Crisis, and a couple other things.
(4) The Bay Of Pigs invasion was a failed invasion in April of 1961.

Simply put - it was an absolute clusterf**k in which the C👁A went behind Kennedy’s back and went forward with an attempted invasion and coup of Castro.

It didn’t work.
(5) The end result was that it pissed off a LOT of people. Cuba was pissed (obviously), Russia was pissed (obviously), Americans were pissed (obviously), the C👁A was pissed (obviously), the Joint Chiefs were pissed (obviously), and to put the cherry on top …
(6) It served to solidify Castro’s grip on Cuba and cause a swell of support for him.

Basically - it was a bigger backfire than a 1977 Yugo going uphill in the winter.
(7) The C👁A and Joint Chiefs were wearing the most mud on their face. They wanted WWIII and they didnt get it.

They. Were. Pissed.

Now, don’t forget, JFK had the following to say pertaining to the C👁A 🤡’s:
(8) Its no secret that JFK held a lot of disdain for the 🤡’s, and was serious about dismantling them. With his refusal to invade Cuba in the BOP, [they] pivoted towards another plan to draw him into a conflict with Russia (FFS, wtf is it with these people and Russia?! 🤦🏻‍♂️)
(9) The Cuban Missile Crisis began on October 16th, 1962. US Spy Planes spotted Russian Rockets being assembled and readied in Cuba. This, of course led to the blockade of Cuba, and is the closest the world has probably ever come to all out nuclear war.
(10) This was, undoubtedly, another attempt by [them] to kick off a large scale conflict with Russia, and if not for JFK, RFK, Kenny O’Donnell, and a few key players - a lot of the world would have become glass sometime between 10/16 & 10/29, 1963.
(11) **Sidebar**

I suggest you give this flick a watch. Once you get past Costner’s shit accent, it is a fantastic watch on the topic of The Cuban Missile Crisis:

https://www.imdb.com/title/  tt0146309/
(12) At this point, the plan to get rid of Kennedy was well underway. He was dismantling the 🤡’s, he was dismantling the mafia, he was going after the Federal Reserve, it was clear to [them] that he was an existential threat. He simply wouldnt “fall in line”.
(13) *Pause* Now, I know Ive glossed over a few finer points - but again, Im assuming if youve made it to my account, and followed it, and are digging into my threads - that you know these points, or you are looking for crumbs to dig on.
(14) Getting back on track - I wanna take a look at Lee Harvey Oswald.

(We all agree he was not the lone shooter, yeah? Okay. Good. Because if not, Imma need you to exit stage left and go take an entry level JFK Assassination Course before you can carry on here.) 😁
(15) Lee Harvey Oswald was touted as the lone assassin, and a marxist sympathizer who hated JFK. Seemed simple enough, if you ignore his ties to such folks as George de Mohrenschildt.

de Mohrenschildt was as spooky as it gets. Born in Russia, he was a high level 🤡.
(16) This little read into GdM reveals that he had intimate knowledge of the assassination.

He even introduced the Oswalds to Ruth Paine, a C👁A asset many believed took part in setting LHO up as the patsy.

(17) The FBI even had GdM tagged as a Nazi Sympathizer during WWII: http://www.maebrussell.com/Mae%20Brussell%20Articles/Nazi%20Connection%20to%20JFK%20Assass.html
(18) GdM was a known family associate of the Bush family, and furthermore, according to Gregory Burnham - was an “active member of 2 C👁A Proprietary Organizations”.

The man was a DS swamp rat of the highest order, and he was LHO’s handler.
(19) It was GdM who got Oswald the job at the TSBD, and it was his wife who supplied investigators with the infamous backyard photo of Oswald which man my agree was doctored.

Plain and simple: Oswald was setup and used as a patsy by GdM, who was being controlled by his own ..
(20) masters. Which involved (but werent limited to) Dulles, Bush Sr, and members of the Joint Chiefs.

What transpired here was a coup and a [DS] operation of the highest order. Make no mistake. This was the day [they] took full on control of the United States.
(22) Behind GdM was the Bush family, and if you arent aware, Prescott Bush was a Nazi. As was Allen Dulles. These men were in very close ties with the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Remingtons, and the Royal Family. (Whose real name is Von Winsdor, btw 😉). But I digress ..
(23) All of the things I have mentioned are EASILY researchable, btw. Either on DuckDuckGo, or Reddit, or Google. My goal is to provide folks with tools to do their own digging to find their own answers, and to shine light on topics many newcomers may lack knowledge on.
(24) Now that I have established that GdM was C👁A, it should be obvious that Oswald was as well. Just ask yourself what this guy was doing living in Russia, with free passage between both countries during the Cold War.
(26) Another crumb for you to dig into is Clay Shaw - the only man ever prosecuted in the death of JFK.

Many theories surround Shaw, the most famous of which is that he was also a C👁A agent, working alongside David Ferrie, Guy Bannister and others in the plot against JFK...
(27) under the direction of rogue elements within the government.

This was not a lone gunman, and this was not a simple operation thought up in a week. It was calculated. It was cold. And it was meant to strike at the very heart and essence of America, and it did.
(28) Quick rundown of names for you to research in relation to the assassination.

• Allen Dulles
• George W Bush
• Lee Harvey Oswald
• George de Mohrenschildt
• Lyndon B. Johnson
• Richard Nixon (pssst; Watergate 😉)
• David Ferrie
• Clay Shaw
(29) These are not all of the players, but enough to get started. There will be more later on.

I think, after 29 tweets, it is time to actually get into the assassination itself.

Shall we?
(30) Lets just go ahead and get this out of the way. Finding actual footage is kinda hard on Youtube, and what you do find is usually hidden behind privacy walls and links to share arent given.

So, I am gonna do a link from JFK instead.
(31) This movie has a lot of disinfo, with a good bit of truth as well. And for all he got wrong, it is my opinion that Stone got the shooting part of the assassination pretty close. And even so, this clip still shows the assassination, which is the point:
(32) It doesnt cover all of it, but a link I will share later will.

I want to reiterate that I am leaving things out on purpose while providing crumbs for YOU to dig. I am providing bullet points, and my own thoughts for you to play off of.
(33) Most of the seasoned conspiracy folks know all of this information inside and out. My goal is to reach newer people, and wake them up to the travesty perpetrated on that day.

So if you are asking why Im leaving things out - that and keeping the thread manageable are why.
(34) The official narrative was that Oswald was a crazed gunman who acted alone. Of course it was. This is always the official narrative when something is bullshit.

Lets get into why there is not a snowball’s chance in hell that Oswald acted alone.
(35) The Rifle.

Simply put: The Mannlicher Carcano was a complete and utter shitbox. It had a slow bolt action, it’s aim was mediocre, and it had jamming issues.

Im not gonna go into a big thing here, but there is no way Oswald pulled off 3 shots in a little over 6…
(36) seconds with that gun. Many sharpshooters tried, and failed, to replicate the feat. Forget the fact that Oswald was a mediocre marksmen at best, this gun simply is not capable of pulling off these shots in such fast succession. Period.
(37) Here is what Carlos Hathcock has to say about the shot. (If you dont know who he is, Google him. He is basically the Michael Jordan of Snipers).
(38) Regardless of what you think about Jesse Ventura, he is an expert marksman, and was a Navy Seal.

He had a whole episode on the assassination which can be found here: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6fhio0 

He also tried to duplicate the shot:
(39) If an expert marksman (multiple) cant replicate that shot ... then how the hell do you expect anyone to actually believe a mediocre marksman in Oswald could pull that shot off when experts couldnt - all while under a nervous pressure we could never imagine.
(40) Beyond that - the sight line. If LHO was the lone shooter, why didnt he take a shot as the motorcade was coming down Houston? It was a straight shot with no impedance.

Why did he choose an obstructed shot as the car moves away as opposed to a clean shot as it moves toward?
(41) The answer is easy - He wasnt the lone shooter and taking a shit while JFK came down Houston would have taken away the opportunity for triangulation of crossfire. As Kevin Costner says in JFK “It was a turkey shoot. A trap”.
(42) Moving on, right after the shooting, Oswald was seen in the breakroom at the TSBD. This was within 1-2 minutes of the assassination.

LHO was on the 6th floor. Witnesses report no sweat, no heavy breathing .. and he seemed clueless to what happened and completely calm.
(43) Carolyn Arnold’s FBI statement verifies that Oswald was on the first floor at the time of the shooting: http://22november1963.org.uk/carolyn-arnold-witness-oswald
(44) Adding on to the tomfoolery, lets have a look at the “magic bullet” first. You know, the only projectile in human history to have ignored every single law of physics known to man.

Supposedly, 1 bullet made 7 wounds and came out 100% pristine on the other side..
(45) this, despite traveling through the President’s chest, the back of Connolly’s seat, Connolly’s wrist bone, and Connolly’s rib. But the bullet was pristine. Totes believable. *rolls his eyes so hard he dislocates his eye lids*.
(46) The Grassy Knoll

Multiple witnesses report seeing men in the grassy knoll, and puffs of smoke.

The following links are for videos from various witnesses pertaining to the grassy knoll.

(49) Why are all of these officers looking up towards the Grassy Knoll??
(50) The Three Tramps.

3 men were arrested at Dealey Plaza that day. 2 of which were E Howard Hunt, and Frank Sturgis. Hunt was also involved in Watergate, so this should tell you how big a 🤡 this guy was.
(52) Frank Sturgis was also involved in Watergate, and was a self admitted C👁A hitman.

And to top it off, no arrest records exist for this incident. Almost as if they were never there.

(53) Here is another good database to dig into. This discusses more on the tramps, and has a couple videos including one from a doctor at Parkland who saw a bullet hole in the front of the limo. https://jfkplayersandwitnesses.wordpress.com/tag/3-tramps/ 
(54) Some more names for you to add to the above list from tweet #28.

• E Howard Hunt
• Frank Sturgis
• Gordon Liddy
(55) By this point I am hoping to have provided enough evidence to show you that Oswald did not act alone. Which, in it’s very essence proves there was a conspiracy.

Im not done yet, but I really hope this thread can help folks dig into this topic because as vast as this thread
(56) is, there are a lot of crumbs to be filled in, and for me to include everything, this thread would be 1000 tweets long.

Carrying on ...

JD Tippet. Tippet was the officer who located Oswald walking down the street, upon confronting him, Tippet was murdered by Oswald.
(57) A link I will provide at the end goes into depth on this (JFKto911), but I will say this - Tippet apparently was a dead ringer for JFK. And now ask yourself why a world renowned plastic surgeon was aboard AF1 on the way back to DC. And why any photo of the wound youve seen
(58) is markedly different from what we have all see in the Zapruder film ... again - this is a very macabre theory, and Id prefer that you take your time, watch the links I provide, and draw your own conclusions. Ive been struggling during this whole thread with whether or not..
(59) to really dive into the more graphic photos. And I have decided against it. #1, many possess a weak stomach. #2, most of us are aware of these photos already, #3 if you are new, having those thrust upon you could be a turn off for further research. People should see ..
(60) images like that of their own accord, and not have the image randomly thrust upon them while scrolling a thread.

That said - to make it a bit easier, here is a link with all JFK Autopsy photos: http://jfklancer.com/photos/autopsy_slideshow/
(62) This video also breaks it down pretty well. (Kinda long though).
(64) It is my opinion Ruby was merely a low level hitman assigned to take Oswald out to keep him quiet. As soon as the scapegoat says “Im a patsy”, you can be sure he was gonna roll. And [they] werent going to allow that:
(65) before I begin wrapping this up, I want you to look at this photo long and hard. Look at the wink, the smile, the jovial demeanor. These men knew what they did, and reveled in it .... in front of the President’s widow - less than an hour after his death. His blood..
(66) still on her dress. This was a brutal public execution and a coup de tat. Plain and simple. Not only was it an operation the murder Kennedy, but it was an announcement to America that “youre next”.

This is the day [they] took full control. Make no mistake.
(67) and lest we forget this speech, known as the one that got him killed;
(68) One last thing I almost missed and wont go into detail about but will rather leave a video and a crumb for you to dig into - Umbrella Man.
(69) I am gonna begin wrapping this up now, allow me to leave you some links to some fantastic documentaries on the topic;


JFK Dark Legacy:
(70) (JFK to 911 gets pulled frequently. I have that doc saved, so if that link goes dead, PM me, and I am happy to provide a link)
(71) JFK is/was a man that I hold the utmost respect and pride for. He was a Unicorn, and one of a kind. The heart of America was ripped open and trampled on.

I have been down this rabbit hole since I was 12, and first saw JFK.

The American people deserve the truth.
(72) They deserve to know that ALL of it was a lie. That Kennedy was murdered because he was opposed to Vietnam, opposed to a World War, opposed to Israel having nukes, and opposed to the Federal Reserve and Cabal.

Plain and simple. He was but one man fighting
(73) against the same evil we fight today. He stood up them, and paid the ultimate sacrifice in his efforts to prove to us that the world was heading down a very dangerous path. He wasnt perfect, but he LOVED America
(74) Does that sound familiar??? Kinda sounds like someone else we know? A wealthy and quite affluent playboy leaves it all behind to confront the dark cabal and save America.

Gee. I just cant think of who this is reminding me of...
(75) I will leave you with some inspirational words from our 35th POTUS.
(76) JFK Inaugural Address
(77) In closing - thank you SO much for reading and engaging. I truly hope this thread was entertaining, enlightening and eye opening for those who may not have been aware.

Enjoy your digging, and enjoy gaining knowledge. It is a gift.

(A curious grave, no? 😉🔍)
(78) Remember that I have left things out on purpose because I want *you* to dog on missing pieces and connections. This is possibly the biggest, most famous conspiracy of all time. And one thread, whether 80, or 1000 tweets can possibly cover it all.
(79) In the words of my friend @Qtah17 “JFK started it, Trump will finish it”.

Open your eyes. Open your mind. Open your heart. The truth is there.

God bless you all, and God bless America.


Love and light, Patriots. 🙏🏻
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