A reminder that Prof. Devi Sridhar is not, as some seem to think, some hard data scientist (not that is any guarantee of sense). She's basically a glorified sociologist. Here's her publications. Eg. 'Trojan multilateralism: global cooperation in health'.
Some more:

'The normative authority of the World Health Organization'.

'The battle against hunger: choice, circumstance, and the World Bank'.

'Global health funding: how much, where it comes from and where it goes'.

'Bridging the divide: global governance of trade and health'
'Who sets the global health research agenda? The challenge of multi-bi financing'

'A framework convention on global health: health for all, justice for all'

'The joint action and learning initiative: towards a global agreement on national and global responsibilities for health'
'Post-Accra: is there space for country ownership in global health?'.

'Political priority in the global fight against non–communicable diseases'.

'Regulate alcohol for global health'.

'Transforming global governance for the 21st century'.
'Universal health coverage and the right to health: from legal principle to post-2015 indicators'.

'Inequality in the United States healthcare system'.

'Off the back burner: diverse and gender-inclusive decision-making for COVID-19 response and recovery'.

You get the idea?
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