I have three ways to identify the Kenosha Shooter who has killed two people

Kyle Rittenhouse/Kyle Lewis
My attention first was drawn to his account via this meme. The optics are different but besides that the rifles appears to be identical.
But the same gun isn't enough to make a positive ID. So I scoured his facebook page for my information. He lists another name as Kyle Lewis and in a post of his from 2018 someone comments "you sure do look like a Lewis"
A person named Wendy Lewis "liked" that comment and various other posts on Kyle's account.
On Wendy's page she lists "Kyle Rittenhouse" as her son. She and Kyle appear to live in Illinois.
And here is the secondary identifying feature. In a picture posted to Wendy's account you can see Kyle wearing a tan and white mesh American Flag hat that the shooter is also wearing.
And comparing the shoes here to show that it is Kyle in the beach picture.
For the third confirmation, this is what seems to Kyle identifying himself on a stream- https://twitter.com/i/status/1298557320478302209

Source, about 1 minute and 15 seconds in- https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10164052138640646&id=551500645
Current Kenosha Police statement on the incident-
Warning: Graphic Violence, Shooting, Possible Death-

Previous thread detailing some of the actual shootings. https://twitter.com/hungrybowtie/status/1298499613070995456?s=20
This Kenosha County Court record about Kyle speeding on a freeway from a few days ago further confirms some of the information I have posted.
Since I can't sleep I'll finish this thread by showing with pictures how the shooter in the videos matches up with Kyle so people don't need to watch if they don't want to.
Here we have the first shooting of the night. Note his tan hat and black & orange bag. First three screenshots are from the video that you can hear the shooter on the phone saying "I just shot someone" as he runs away.
Next incident in the street, Kyle runs away, you can see his hat and bag again (1st pic). Someone runs up to the Kyle, punches him in the head, knocking his hat off (2nd pic). Kyle trips and shoots people from the ground (3rd pic). 4th pic is just a comparison for Kyle's back.
Much clearer images of Kyle on the ground. At this point he had already admitted to shooting someone (in the head) next to all those cars. People were trying to subdue a gunmen that had already shot people.
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