Irrespective of your views on Greta, nothing shrieks of Human Self-Centric Egotism than calls for "saving the planet".

The sheer audacity of claiming that "the planet is dying" while thinking that humans are in some way capable of "saving it".

The planet will be fine, we won't.
Earth has been around for 4.5 Billion years, humans have been around for approx 300,00 years, or less than 1 second if Earth's life span was 24 hours.

And we have the self-importance to think we can save it? From what, us?

Earth will be around well after humans are extinct.
Efforts to tackle climate change are just selfish attempts to save humans from the discomfort of living in an inhabitable planet which we ruined to begin with.

We've done enough damage, when will we learn that everything we touch turns to shit?

Let nature be, it'll heal itself.
If global warming gets worse, which BTW is part of the Earth's natural cycle, it will go through another Ice Age, the ice will melt, oceans will take over land & life will thrive again.

Like George Carlin once said, the planet will simply "shake us off like a bad case of fleas".
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