Every coin does have two sides and so every story . Unless we hear both sides it's tough to know the truth . To hear the other side and know the truth of ths incident we are at Trilok Puri to check whether the truth is as horrible as Swati projected or the story is something else https://twitter.com/SwatiJaiHind/status/1298180109787004929
रस्सी को सांप बनाने की कला में माहिर है @SwatiJaiHind और महिला आयोग।
No matter wat was the reason we condemn the act of the man to use chain to restrict the movement of the wife bt except tat everything wat swati and national media reported is a काला झूठ ।निहायत ही घटिया आरोप।
आप किसी का भला नहीं कर सकते तो बुरा भी नहीं करना चाइए । थोड़ी सी लाइमलाइट पाने के लिए स्वाति जी ने एक गरीब परिवार को उजाड़ दिया।The husband needs conselling nt jail.A nt so educated man frm a lower section of the society can nt be an expert on how to handle Schizophrenia patient
घर में पंखा नहीं था?स्वातिजी पंखा छत में लगा होता है,आपको नहीं दिखाई दिया होगा क्योंकि आपको तो सनसनी फैलानी थी।
How can smone lie this way nd whole national media circulated the false narrative without bothering to cross check. Smone tag these insensitive media to show them truth
Swati is the perfect example of how #toxicFeminism uses lies and victoomhood to destroy families .
Who will look after the three children of the men and his old mother now as he is in jail now .
Why nt @DCWDelhi shall be asked to bear the expenses of these kids and this old woman
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