I have to speak my mind.
As lockdown begins to ease so the assault on wildfire & nature by wreckless & stupid people begins again.
The HS2 abomination, Beavers shot, Ospreys forced from nests, Salmon farms collapsing, not to mention the annual national disgrace of shooting. 1/2
2/2 at what point do we acknowledge our mishandling of our planet, our life support system?
At what point do we acknowledge that #COVID19 , as truly devastating as it has been, is our planet firing a first warning shot across the bow?
What is it going to take for us to awaken?
Final thought.I don’t expect too many likes on this Tweet.Not because people don’t care. Because we’re becoming so stupefied & desensitised by the amazing speed of the internet there are simply too many words to be bothered to read the Tweet(something I’m guilty of this myself!)
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