A) If you don’t understand the present then you can’t possibly predict the future @GeorgeMonbiot and as long as you ignore Modern Monetary Theory you don’t understand the present. Whether you’re bemoaning UK financial corruption, land use or demographic transition, if you... https://twitter.com/GeorgeMonbiot/status/1298499314164129792
B).. perpetuate the Thatcherite fiction that governments need to collect tax before they can issue money for necessary or desirable services and infrastructure then you can’t realistically bemoan the future or suggest adaptive solutions. #MMT #LearnMMT #JobGuarantee #GreenNewDeal
C)..If you really want to help us to change things and bring down the oligarchs @GeorgeMonbiot then you need to inform a critical mass of people about MMT. Go for their metaphorical jugular vein. Money is simply a fiction. The government 'creates' it at... https://twitter.com/DoubleDownNews/status/1298919679973642242?s=20
D)..will to provision itself by forced use of labour and natural resources and then erases it via taxation etc. Meanwhile they pretend to us that it is real and rare whilst dishing it out in abundance to themselves and their sponsors! Wealth is based on a fiction. Their power...
E)..is based on the fiction! Help us to take democratic control of the fiction, reduce the self-servers' monopoly of it and use it explicitly as a shared concept, a psychological tool to organise ourselves to address everyone's innate needs. #MMT #LearnMMT #TeachMMT #JobGuarantee
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