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Postdocs need to get rid of their cut-off dates (i.e., 'PhD must be submitted no longer than 2 years before application', etc). This is not a democratic process and it's keeping out everyone with a less straightforward or 'stellar' trajectory in #Academia
If you can get a permanent job as a lecturer without having taught for several years in a university, I damn well want a chance to do things in reverse and apply for a postdoc...
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...so that I can finally, after blood sweat and tears-ing it through post-PhD non-stop teaching for six years or more, have the chance to edit and submit the years of research I'm sitting on - research that is active, and does inform my dynamic teaching. #casualisation @ucu
#Academia is its own worst enemy in these cases. We're preventing a lot of diversity from coming in by this incessant gate-keeping bullshit. Whew. That's done.
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